Mathura – Vrindavan grapple with waterlogging crisis

(Vrindavan Today News) – Mathura – Vrindavan grapple with waterlogging crisis

The monsoon has arrived in the district, and the first rainfall on Friday morning exposed the failures of the municipal corporation. The city dwellers were gripped by severe water logging during the weekend. The problem went to such an extent that many commuters were found wading through stagnant water on main roads. Vrindavan gets crowded on the weekends of Saturday-Sunday, as the devotees come here in big numbers from the Delhi NCR and other nearby cities.  They had to wade through the stagnant water to reach the temples.

Apart from that, it also put a damper on trade and commerce in the religious city. The water logging triggered by the showers during the weekends, found the streets of Vrindavan in stagnant water mixed with sewer. The streets of Gopinath Bazar, Rangji node, CFC Chauraha was heavily waterlogged,

In Mathura, heavy waterlogging at the new bus stand underpass and Bhuteshwar divided the city into two parts. The service road along the highway was also submerged. People who left their homes for work in the morning faced significant difficulties.

Heavy rain is expected to continue until July 1. As a result, residents are not holding back their criticism of the municipal corporation. People pointed out that complaints about cleaning the drains were made before the rains, yet the officials did not act. The roads remain broken.

In the Holi Gate area, waterlogging led to shops being flooded. Additionally, water filled posh colonies, main markets, roads, and underpasses throughout the city. Traffic jams were rampant in several areas. Water-filled potholes on broken roads caused not just two-wheelers but even e-rickshaws to topple. School buses were also halted. The municipal corporation had been boasting about drain cleaning for the past month, but the reality was revealed by the rain. Similar conditions were seen under the cantonment railway bridge. Waterlogging caused heavy jams in areas such as Kankali Road, BSA College, State Bank Chauraha, Deeg Gate, Bharatpur Gate, Masani Road, KR College Road, and near Amarnath Vidya Ashram. Long lines of vehicles formed, causing significant inconvenience to commuters. Drains overflowed due to the rain, and dirty water began flowing onto the streets. In areas where houses were built on lower ground, drain water entered homes. Residents were seen trying to remove this water from their houses, including in Radhika Vihar, Anvakar, and Kankali. Meanwhile, the municipal corporation remained indifferent.

Water logging near Kankali – Bhuteshwar area in Mathura

A poor drainage system causes waterlogging during the monsoon season due to its inability to effectively deal with excess rainfall and runoff.  Water logging during monsoon season is a big problem and it disrupts the life of the people completely.

Clouds had been gathering since Thursday night, and by late night, they thickened. Rain began around 3 AM and continued until about 5 AM. Most parts of the city experienced moderate to heavy rain. While people enjoyed the pleasant weather in the morning, those who ventured into the markets found it difficult to reach their destinations. In several areas, water reached knee-deep, and in some underpasses, it was waist-deep, blocking people’s paths. Bikes stalled as their silencers filled with water. At the new bus stand underpass, pedestrians risked their lives by climbing the railway bridge to cross.

“Compared to last year, better arrangements for water drainage have been made this time. In waterlogged areas, water was pumped out using pump sets, and traffic was managed smoothly. Cleanliness supervisors have been deployed to monitor the waterlogged areas.” – Anil Kumar, Additional Municipal Commissioner, Municipal Corporation.

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