My new film: Giri Govardhana Bathes in the River Yamuna

( – My new film: Giri Govardhana Bathes in the River Yamuna


Published on June 16th, 2024 |
by Madhudvisa dasa

Hare Krishna!

As some of you know I have been living in Vrindavan for the last few months.

Vrindavan is a holy city in India not far from New Delhi and quite close to the Taj Mahal in Agra.

Vrindavan is the place where Lord Krishna spent His childhood when He appeared on this planet 5,000 years ago. It is not an ordinary place. Here the only activity is really worshipping Krishna. That is why people come to Vrindavan, either to live here or to visit.

Therefore Vrindavan is a town full of Krishna temples and places for the pilgrims to stay. It is a rather unique and hard to describe place. So rather than trying to describe it to you I have made a film.

On the Ekadasi days, which happen twice a month, my friend Krsnadas das and I have been going on Vrindavan parikram. There is a path going all the way around the circumference of the Vrindavan town which is about 12 miles long and if one walks around this path he will circumnabulate the whole Vrindavan area which includes so many important Krishna temples. And this is a very auspicious thing to do. And it is particularly auspicious on the Ekadasi days.

So last Ekadasi Krsnadas and I decided to take a video camera with us on this little adventure and the result is this film: “Giri Govardhana Bathes in the River Yamuna.”

Krshnadas has an ashram here in Vrindavan and in his ashram he has a temple where he worships “Giri Govardhana.” There is a hill not far from Vrindavan called Govardhana. This is the mountain that Lord Krishna lifted up with the little finger of His left hand and used as an umbrella to protect all the residents of Vrindavan from the wrath of Lord Indra. Krishna said that this hill, Govardhana, is not differnet from Himself. So since that time devotees of Krishna have worshipped small rocks from the Govardhana hill as Govardhana silas.

So, to make a long story short, Giri Govardhana came with us on the Vrindavana parikrama and ended up being the star of the film.

It is not a very professional film, please forgive me for that. But I think it does somewhat capture the mood of Vrindavan and if you have been here before you can remember it and if you have not been here then you can have some idea what it is like…

Please post your comments about this film below.

I am very interested in hearing your suggestions and comments.

Chant Hare Krishna and be happy!

Madhudvisa dasa

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