Punya Chest

How to earn and donate “Punya” on bhakti.today

Puṇya: pious, auspicious, propitious, good, virtuous, meritorious, pure, holy, sacred

Like in real life, “Punya” is earned by good deeds and spent by enjoying the fruit of deeds 😉

Bhakti.today is a decentralized community with it’s own merit eco system allowing members to support contributors through their interactions with content. Punya is earned in a variety of ways, supporting the site and spent by consuming content. Punya is automatically donated to authors of posts interacted with. This eco system encourages everyone to contribute, through posting content, engaging with content, playing educational games or sharing on social media and other activities listed below. Punya will in the future be exchangeable with a crypto token that will allow buying and selling.

(Your Punya balance is displayed in every post sidebar and your profile)

Earnings are added to your account, Donations are deducted

Activity that Earns or Donates Punya Earning Donation Poster Max Daily
Register Your Account 100
Refer New Registration (referral link in profile) 100 ~
Refer Visitor** (from your referral link) 10 ~
Your Daily Site Visit 20 1 time
Share Post on Social Media 50 1 p/post
Complete a Challenge 50 1 p/chall.
Solve a Wisdom Quest 50 1 p/quiz
Publish a Post (any type) 100 3 times
Publish a Quiz 100 3 times
Publish a Poll 100 3 times
Publish a Collection 20 3 times
Publish a Meme 50 3 times
Publish a Product 20 3 times
Adding to a List Post 20 3 times
Logging in 20 1 p/week
Submit Bhakti.today Website Review 50 1 p/user
Play a Quiz coming 1 p/day
Play a Puzzle 20 1 p/day
Play a Game 20 1 p/day
Read a Post -1 +1 ~
Upvote a Post -1 +1 ~
React to Post -1 +1 ~
Add Post to Favorites -1 +1 ~
Vote a Poll -1 +1 ~
View Collections -1 +1 ~
Comment (by post author 0) 2 +2 10 p/day
SPAM Comment (unrelated or offensive) -20 ~
New Friendship -10 ~
Ending Friendship -10 ~
Posting a Pop Quiz Answer in public -500 ~
Upload Profile Avatar 20 1 p/week
Upload Profile Cover Image 20 1 p/week


Values on this table may change in the future, so please check from time to time.

* Punya does not expire, but if your Punya balance goes to 0, you may not be able to view comments until your balance is positive again, by earning Punya with the above methods. When your balance is above 0 again, please leave a note via the Feedback form to have your comment privileges reinstated.

** A referred visitor does not earn you Punya: if he is a logged-in member, has the same IP address, hides his IP address or uses a proxy that hides his IP address, or has already visited the site.

Last updated 07/10/23