If you feel the call to share your knowledge and experience, we invite you to join our curated list of instructors. We are opening the floor to members who wish to apply to become Bhakti instructors or coaches. By setting up your own courses, you have the freedom to create, edit, teach your own courses.


Our application process has been carefully designed to ensure the highest quality of instruction and authenticity of teachings. The selection of instructors will be thoughtfully curated based on qualifications and the quality of course content. Our aim is to maintain an environment that supports genuine learning and growth, a haven that mirrors the essence of Bhakti.

Course Platform We Offer

Our Course Platform offers a powerful course builder, where instructors can create, edit and teach their own courses and offer them for free or sell them.

Courses can contain 9 types of built-in lessons with video, audio, PPT, PDF, multimedia, quiz, survey, assignments, download lesson types, group chats, private chats, live lessons with ZOOM/MEET, appointments, certificates, a grading system and more.

If you have expertise in bhakti or another field which can enhance bhakti, you are welcome to apply below. (Fields with * are required)