You were not supposed to click on this…!!!

But not you! Oh no, you’re different. Holy Cow, you’re totally special! You decided… well you decided to click this secret icon symbolizing a Vishnu temple. I mean, without first switching to dark mode, nobody even scrolls down there.

This a secret temple that nobody is supposed to know about.

You better leave…!











Since you are still here… you seem to be more curious and inquisitive than most seekers. Well then… first of all, you can only access this most secret of temples, containing the most secret confidential instructions and nectar on how to enter bhakti, by clicking on the secret button you clicked on. This secret temple is only available for very short periods of times.

So, you came at the wrong time and just missed the entrance when it was open. Don’t try to access this secret temple entrance by bookmarking this page. You can only have a chance to enter that temple entrance if you humbly scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the secret. Shortcuts don’t work in bhakti.

Come back, when you are in a truly humble state of mind, feeling lower than… you know the rest, then maybe you will be lucky next time.