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Like the Puranas, bhakti.today chronicles the pastimes of Vishnu bhaktas of ancient times and today’s diverse global Vaishnava community. Dedicated to glorifying all Vaishnavas and their valuable contributions, providing inspiration, education and news in a family-friendly environment that encourages learning, growth and harmony. Supported by the independent householder community, bhakti.today gives equal voice to all Vaishnavas, regardless of affiliation or ashram.

A place we can send any newcomers without hesitation, where they can learn, engage and experience the wonderful world of bhakti in the association of caring Vaishnavas, enlightening and nurturing each other.

As a decentralized self-publishing platform, you can share your personal, community or organizational stories, creative ideas and questions by posting them here in any of the many formats, including social media embeds. Help spread bliss and love to the worldwide bhakti community. Let’s make this a space where everyone, new or seasoned feels welcome, representing Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu’s pure teachings and the highest Vaishnava ideals.

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