2022 GBC Resolutions Finally Released After Pandemic Challenges


( – By Ananda Tirtha Das (GBC Corresponding Secretary)   |  Apr 01, 2023

The *2022* GBC Resolutions have finally been released. Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic, the GBC Body couldn’t conduct in-person meetings, and therefore the 2022 AGM (Annual General Meeting) was conducted online. Thankfully, the 2023 AGM, however, began as a regular in-person meeting in Mayapur and will continue online in the upcoming months.

The GBC met online weekly throughout 2022 (and continues to do so in 2023) to discuss matters of global importance and voted on proposals until the end of December 2022 hence the delay in releasing the Resolution file. For 2023, however, we will either release the Resolutions as they are passed or endeavor to publish them in early 2024.  

Please find the 2022 GBC Resolution file here.

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