A book transforms one

( – Krishna Das and I invited two young guys who bought a book to the temple of Villa Vrndavana. They came, stayed a while, and then we left in a week.

After a year, we went back to the Villa with a group to do harinamas. I went to the dining room to eat prasadam and sat down with the Italian devotees. I saw a devotee, and his face looked familiar to me.

I asked, “Do I know you?”

He replied, “Did you forget me? You came last year, you distributed a book to us and I stayed here.”

He began to follow the principles, chant the mantra, go to the morning program.

The story goes on.

Recently, I again met him in Mayapur with a group of sankirtana devotees from Bulgaria. (He is from Bulgaria, and his guru, Kadamba Kanana Swami, in Villa Vrindavan asked him to join them in Mayapur.)

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