A change of heart and unexpected action

( – After another busy week at work, I was relaxing after a community program at Bhakti Lounge and looking forward to heading home for some rest and recuperation. Just as I was about to leave, Rudra Rama Pandita Prabhu approached me and asked whether I was free to help transport some books.

My mind immediately rejected the idea. But as Rudra explained, Vrindavan Madhurya and Bhakta Tom were running out of books on the South Island.

Lord Caitanya inspired me to assist and conquer the mind. I reasoned that by humbly assisting the full-time traveling sankirtana devotees I could please the Lord and His devotees — a very precious opportunity.

So I went with Rudra Rama to collect the books and transfer them to his flat. I should note that he then drove the books down to the South Island the next day; he is a selfless and humble devotee.

What happened next was special. Although I had been feeling tired, I suddenly felt the desire to head out on sankirtana myself, although it was late in the evening. Swinging by a local supermarket, I jumped out of the car and started distributing.

Over the next thirty minutes so many books went out. Everyone was taking one, even the tricky Indians who normally expertly avoid my attempts to share Krishna with them! One young Indian man donated generously and was rewarded with a Krishna book set (my favorite books to distribute) and Bhagavad-gita. Picture attached.

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