Ancient Davanal Kund to be restored

(Vrindavan Today) – The kund will be filled with clean water, the steps and ghats will be restored with the traditional mortar of lime and sand.

 2023-04-21 (Vrindavan Today News): The 500 year Davanal Kund is up for a revamp. The restoration work of the kund will be completed in four months under the joint efforts of the Datri Foundation and INTACH. Local NGO Friends of Vrindavan will also support the initiative,

The Indian National Trust for Art & Cultural Heritage (INTACH), New Delhi has begun to restore the Ancient Davanal Kund of Vrindavan on Friday. The restoration work began amid the Vedic Chants and rituals in the august presence of Acharya Shrivatsa Goswami ji Maharaj of Shri Radharaman Temple.

According to the plan the ‘Kund’ will be de-silted to open up the aquifers to fill it up with naturally sweet water. The steps and the ghats of the Kund that has developed cracks will be restored by using sand, stone and lime.

Inauguration of the restoration with Vedic ritual

This kund is religiously significant as it was made to commemorate Shri Krishna’s lila of swallowing a blazing forest fire that threatened the lives of Brajavasis. The word davanala means ‘forest fire’. Despite such a glorious history, the Davanal Kund has remained in an abject state of neglect. The current state of the kund is very filthy, with a strong foul smell.

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