Bhakti House at ISKCON Orlando Brings Powerful Presence to VegFest


( – ISKCON News | Bhakti House at ISKCON Orlando Brings Powerful Presence to VegFest

By Bhaja Govinda Das

Bhakti House at ISKCON Orlando brought a joyful and inspiring presence to the city’s annual VegFest 2023 event held on October 28th. Devotees provided a booth filled with transcendental literature and devotional items, while kirtaneers engaged participants at the vegan-themed festival, which emphasized the mindful treatment of animals and protested animal cruelty. Given the theme, the collective consciousness of the masses was already elevated, fostering a conducive environment to cultivate Krsna-consciousness.

Bhakti House, established shortly after the pandemic, is a welcoming and inviting preaching center for college students interested in Krsna consciousness. Its warm atmosphere sincerely embraces those exploring Bhakti.

ISKCON Orlando has been hosting its bhakti yoga booth at VegFest since 2008, drawing the attention of diverse attendees. This year’s theme centered on fun, compassion, and lifestyle. During this particular VegFest, a reporter from WESH-2, the local NBC affiliate, visited the booth and interviewed devotees about Krsna Consciousness. Additionally, individuals who had encountered the Bhakti House team at previous Orlando events, such as the Pride Festival and Parade, stopped by to explore additional transcendental literature they had yet to acquire.

During this festival, devotees enthusiastically moved around the park with mridangas, kartals, and their voices, creating a vibrant echo of the holy name for aspiring devotees who hadn’t yet encountered Srila Prabhupada’s books. They danced throughout the park, with one even donning a dinosaur costume, sparking curiosity among onlookers. During the harinam, devotees passionately advocated for and distributed Srila Prabhupada’s literature.

VegFest 2023 was an exceptional experience for devotees and aspiring souls seeking a spiritual connection. You can watch a video from the day and follow ISKCON Orlando on Facebook and Instagram.

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