Bhaktivedanta Manor Turns 50 with an Oxen Procession


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Bhaktivedanta Manor Turns 50 with an Oxen Procession
By Radha Mohan Das   |  Aug 21, 2023

Bhaktivedanta Manor celebrated its 50th anniversary in style last weekend. Amongst a huge myriad of devotional activities, there was a grand procession of 14 beautifully decorated trained oxen across the centre’s 79-acre estate.

Her Grace Vishaka Dasi, current Temple President of Bhaktivedanta Manor, said, “We are absolutely delighted and deeply honoured to be celebrating 50 years of Bhaktivedanta Manor – this year marks a historic milestone for our Temple; from the extraordinary story of our beginnings to the thriving community we have built today,” she continued, “None of this would have been possible without the devotion and dedication of all the devotees who have spent their lives making the Manor what it is today, the matchless contribution of George Harrison and, of course, Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, who made it all possible – we offer our deepest gratitude to them all.”

Cow and bulls

Bhaktivedanta Manor has a herd of 63 cows and bulls, modern and traditional cow care facilities, and acres of pastureland; it’s a real cow haven. The centre is also home to an organic agricultural farm that uses sustainable and natural farming methods that are good for the soil and environment.

History of Bhaktivedanta Manor

The original estate, dating from the thirteenth century, was called Picot’s Manor after its owner Thomas Picot. The cows on the premises were said to supply milk to the courts of King Henry VIII. In 1912, Picot’s Manor was resold, and around 1923 it was renamed Piggott’s Manor to make it sound more ‘English.’

The mock Tudor building that stands today was built in 1884. It remained a residential building until the Second World War when the property was used as an RAF officers’ mess and hospital. In 1956, Piggott’s Manor was bought by St Bartholomew’s Nursing College. In the following years, hundreds of young women received intensive residential training in traditional nursing.

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