Budapest Hungary

The afternoon went well. People were friendly, curious, and giving donations for books. I had an hour left at the shopping mall and prayed to Krsna to distribute a complete Krsna book (in Hungarian).

The next man I met proved to be the desired customer.

In fact, he was a regular customer of mine, who first bought “The Path of Perfection” four years ago, even though he had been a reader of mayavada and impersonalist books for thirty years.

The next time we met, a year later, he got “The Hidden Glory of India”.

A year later, at our third meeting, after having read POP and HGI, the man told me, “Bhakti is better than impersonalism, it’s needed, he said, because impersonalism is nothing and can just make you go mad.” This time he bought the First Canto.

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