Chaitanya Baba’s 37 Years of dedication for Giriraj

(Vrindavan Today) – Chaitanya Baba’s 37 Years of dedication for Giriraj

In the vicinity of Giriraj Maharaj, there are about two dozen saints and devotees like Baba, who have made this sacred place their home for decades, dedicating themselves to the worship of Shri Giriraj.

2023.07.02 (Vrindavan Today News): – Chaitanya Das, the 70-year-old devout devotee of Shri Giriraj Maharaj, has been continuously circumambulating the holy Govardhan for an astonishing 37 years. With a stick in hand and his tongue chanting the name of Radha-Krishna, Baba’s unwavering faith in Giriraj Maharaj has made the parikrama of Giriraj Maharaj the very essence of his life. It is to be noted that the circumambulation of Govardhan Ji spans 7 kos, which amounts to an impressive 21 kilometers.

What is truly remarkable about Chaitanya Das’ devotion is that he doesn’t settle for one parikrama, but rather performs two parikramas each day, completing the journey around Giriraj Maharaj twice in twenty-four hours. This unbreakable bond between the devoted soul and the divine has left everyone awe-inspired and elated.

Residing in Govind Kund Anyaur, in the foothills of Giriraj Maharaj, Chaitanya Das has been fulfilling his spiritual quest for 37 years. However, five years ago, a serious illness left his legs paralyzed, leaving him unable to walk. Even then, when doctors advised him against continuing the rigorous parikrama, Baba remained undeterred, steadfastly continuing his devotion by performing the circumambulation. With sheer determination and devotion, he still completes two parikramas daily, taking rest wherever he finds a spot during the journey.

Ramanand Baba, a fellow saint in the vicinity, bears witness to Chetan Baba’s extraordinary dedication, revealing that he performs two parikramas daily. The foothills of Giriraj Maharaj are known to be filled with divine pastimes of Thakurji, and Chetan Baba’s has made engaging in His bhajan, the sole purpose of his life.

He arrived in the Braj Raj from West Bengal approximately forty years ago. Initially, he was engaged in worshiping Shri Giriraj, but eventually, he embarked on the path of circumambulation. There was a time when Chaitanya Baba performed three parikramas in a day, but due to his weakened legs, he now focuses on two.

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