Chant and you will be free

( – By Maharishi Das

I have been part of the UK high-end audio scene since I was 14, when I started my business. That’s 35 years ago, but I was into Hi-Fi since I was 10. It’s been a interesting journey and I have built up many strong friendships over the years. Last Saturday, I was at an audio exhibition for the first time in three years since my COVID near-death experience. It was nice to catch up with many old faces. I could feel the love from all the spirit souls and how Krishna resides in the heart of all living entities.

I remember years ago Tribhuvanath Prabhu telling me to never give up what I do as my work involved sound vibration, and we are all seeking the ultimate sound vibration. I was able to distribute quite a few books. What was truly special was Ricardo, who is one of original pioneers of bringing hi end audio esoterica to the world, asked me if I could bring him some neck beads as my dad promised him some three years back as he had seen our neck beads.So, I took him a set of neck beads and gave them to him. He said he felt protected, I said, “You most certainly are !”. I was quite taken back by Ricardo requesting neck beads and was meditating on how I can introduce him to the holy name.

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