Distributing books when you don’t have any at the moment

Distributing books when you don’t have any at the moment

( – Distributing books when you don’t have any at the moment

My story begins with attending Mangal Arati on Radhastami at the temple.

Initially, I planned to go with Bhakta Sivam instead of taking my car. I thought that he would return to the ashram after class. However, he decided to stay at the temple until the evening program.

But there was a Harinama planned back in Otara. I really wanted to attend it and distribute books.

So I managed to get a ride with Kadamba Kanana Prabhu, who was transporting temple prasadam for distribution at the Harinama.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t stop by the ashram in time to pick up books.

I held out hope that the South Auckland devotees might bring some books and set up a table, but when we arrived, there were no books.

I tried calling Bhakta Jordan, but he had forgotten about the Harinama and was already in West Auckland. So I surrendered and thought, “I’ll just participate in the Harinama for once.”

So there I was, playing kartals, lamenting like anything, watching all these ripe people walk by who would almost surely take books.

Then a man approached me and asked, “Do you have any books? I want the Bhagavad Gita.”

Feeling even more disappointed now, I offered to take his number and deliver the book to him the following day. He agreed and even came back to request a second copy.

I guess I don’t need books . . .

The next moment, an older devotee arrived who usually distributes books with me. He had books but couldn’t stay. He asked me whether I could distribute them. What mercy!

Almost immediately after he handed me the books, a young boy walked up and requested a Gita as well. I was so bewildered in a good way. And the books continued to go out effortlessly after that.

A picture is attached of guys that wanted the Gitas.

Jaya, jaya, Sri Radhe!

Bhakta Caleb

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