FFLV Continues Dangerous Mission to Help Save Flood Victims


( – FFLV Continues Dangerous Mission to Help Save Flood Victims

VRINDAVAN – The continuing flooding along the Yamuna, 20 feet higher than usual in some locations, has forced many Vrindavan families to flee their homes or find themselves living on rooftops. “Trapped and losing everything, they face unimaginable hardship without food, medical aid, electricity, and water, clinging to hope on 2nd & 3rd floors,” said Food For Life Vrindavan. 

Cooked kitchari and food ration packages are being quickly assembled and distributed to residents. Supplies include water, rice, flour, cooking oil, and other staples. Because of the high flood waters, supplies have to be transported from vehicles to boats to reach those most in need.  Dangerous hanging electrical wires now just above the flood waters made food distribution especially treacherous.  You can view the latest FFLV video here. 

Despite numerous challenges, the Food for Life Vrindavan team has reached many stranded families, some trapped for up to six days without access to food, clean water, and electricity.

Food for Life Vrindavan has been serving in Vrindavan since 1991. Their initiatives include food distribution, cleaning and tree planting, recycling, organic farming, employment opportunity for village women, free education, skill training, and medical help to over 1500 girls.

In this difficult time, your support can make a significant impact. By donating to Food for Life Vrindavan, you can provide much-needed assistance to these underprivileged families. Your generosity can bring hope and relief to those who are going through such trying circumstances.

Please consider donating to Food for Life Vrindavan’s flood relief efforts to help these families in need. Together, we can make a positive change in their lives and offer them the support they require during this challenging period.

To be a lifeline, and support the lifesaving service of FFLV Flood Relief, click on the QR code below or visit the PayPal link here. Residents of the UK can follow the donation details here.

FFLV QR Code for mobile donations.

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