“Gabriela! Now is your time!”

“Gabriela! Now is your time!”

( – “Gabriela! Now is your time!”

Vinay Sri Nitai Prabhu met a girl who, though nice, was reluctant to keep the books.

Suddenly a random person shouted from the distance, “Gabriela! Now is your time!”

Her name is Gabriela, making the scream so providential that she was startled.

Vinay said, “Well, to get a clearer signal from the universe than that, it would maybe be a slap in the face!”

She smiled, agreed, and said, “Yes, I really have to buy it!”

Gabriela then called a friend, and when he arrived, she had to go away for a while, leaving him with Vinay for a few minutes. The guy also ended up buying: two books, including a Gita.

— Your servants from the Southern Brazil Sankirtana Yatra

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