Gauranga Mela – a weekend of kirtan – Bhaktivedanta Manor

On Friday 3 March 2023, the first event in celebration of 50 years of Bhaktivedanta Manor began in the form of Gauranga Mela – a weekend of kirtan building up to Gaura Purnima. Utilising the Kirtan Hall in the Sri Krishna Haveli, this was the first event of its kind in the space where kirtan continued for more than a day, giving an extended weekend for people to chant, dance and be together. The hall was transformed into a beautiful space – ivy leaves hung above, draping down to create a more intimate sense of space, faux-candles were placed around the floor in florally decorated stands, large cushions created a comfy space for people to sit for long periods, and most importantly, the stage was turned into an altar for Sri Sri Gaura Nitai who stood in front of a golden moon backdrop which radiated the maha-mantra.

In total, 38 kirtans took place, all lead by different members of the community and all by individuals who are regularly doing kirtan with their own groups. Gurukuli’s, Pandava Sena Youth, Harinam Teams, Srila Prabhupada Disciples & Senior Devotees, Ashram Residents, Outreach Devotees, Community Members, and more participated in the Kirtans – bringing this ‘community of communities’ together all with a common purpose – chanting the names of Krishna.

You can listen back to the kirtans via the live stream – click here

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