Happening Now Chaitanya Academy Seminars – Festivals Retreats 

ANNOUNCING: Happening Now Chaitanya Academy Seminars – Festivals Retreats

with Sri Prem Prayojan Prabhu 2023-24

Rome, Italy 14-16 July

Dijon, France 22-24 July

Venice, Italy 2-6 August

Basel, Switzerland 12 August

Zurich, Switzerland 13 August

Riga, Latvia 18-20 August

Moscow, Russia 28 August (Sri Rupa Gosvami Festival)

Moscow, Russia 31 August (Sri Baladeva Purnima Festival)

Shukolova, Russia 4-10 September (incl. Sri Janmastami)

Seville, Spain 20-24 September (incl. Sri Radhastami)

Vrndavan, India 28 Oct – 27 Nov (Kartika Retreat)

New Zealand January 2024 (to be announced soon)

Goa Bhakti Fest  Feb (to be announced soon)

Sri Navadvip Parikrama Feb (to be announced soon)

Govardhana, India 2-10 March 2024 (Vraja Katha Retreat)

Florida USA – Sri GAURA PURNIMA Festival (to be announced soon)

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