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I am referring to  study in ) The Journal of Clinical Pathology (USA–July 2001) wherein it has been  published that veggies have healthy hearts.Many health – experts (including Dr. Michael Brown and Dr. Josef Goldstein, heart specialists of U.S.A. & winners of Noble Prize of many million dollars for Medicine) now recommend a diet, free of eggs and meat, for better health and disease-free life. The basis of their finding is:

a) All flesharian foods i.e. eggs, fowl, fish, meat etc. contain no dietary fiber at all and so they cause a numberless bowel diseases such as chronic constipation, piles, gall-bladder-stones, colon cancer, indigestion, ulcer, colitis, kidney -failure, diverticulosis etc. All these illnesses can be prevented easily by taking only vegetarian foods which are full of dietary fibers.

(b) The yolk of the egg contains 250 to 300 mgs cholesterol, a waxy fat, which deposits itself in the liver and hardens the arteries. The coronary arteries supplying blood to the heart are thus affected, causing fatal heart-attacks,strokes,gallstones,claudication,etc.

 c)  The egg-white contains “Avidin” poison causing leprosy, eczema, paralysis, skin inflammation, skin-cancer, allergy etc. Prof. Egnerberg of Germany has found that eggs produce 51.83% of phlegm (cough) and disturb the balance of nutritive elements within the body. He further discovered that besides Salmonella, the incidence of Listeria is also on the increase which causes flue resulting in Meningitis etc. It can lead to the possibility of abortion in expectant mothers and diseases to the fetus. A brain disease called Creutzfeldt Jacob’s disease is similar to a disease in sheep called “scrapie”. It has been known to pass into human beings from animals through the eating of eggs.

d)  All types of meats / eggs contain saturated fatty acids which are dangerous to health, particularly for blood vessels. Eggs also lack in vitamin B complex, vitamin C, calcium and carbohydrate and produce hyper acidity. Initially, eggs were considered to be easily digestible on animal -experiments but these days recent experiments on human beings have proved that they are not easily digestible. On the one hand, eggs are hard to digest, while on the other hand, infants and young children have very tender digestive system. So eggs must not be given to toddlers & youngsters even by mistake! Dr. E.B. Emary of America and Dr. Inha of England have clearly admitted that eggs are poison for human beings.

The underdeveloped / developing countries ‘s  scene is even worse. Experiments indicate that if eggs are left at more than 80c for more than 12 hours, the process of decay starts within their shells. Under the circumstances,  where the temperature is always high, and it takes about 24 hours for the eggs to reach from poultry -farms to the sales counters, the process of contamination does already start as it is not possible to keep the eggs from their procurement to selling in refrigerators. During the process of decay, the watery component of the egg first begins to evaporate through the shell, then it is invaded by disease germs which penetrate the outer membranes of the egg and make it completely putrid. These minutely contaminated eggs are consumed due to their non-recognition resulting in stomach disorders, food-poisoning etc.

To guard against epidemics and poultry– parasites, developing / UN-developed  poultry farmers make extensive use of D.D.T. and other such chemicals which in small measures enter the body of the birds and eggs. Generally an egg contains 15000 tiny breathing pores in its shell. The egg absorbs D.D.T. through its breathing pores. The people who eat such kind of eggs and chicken may also take D.D.T. inside them. Relation between D.D.T. poison and cancer is well established now-a-days. In this way, eggs may cause cancer — a most fatal disease.

Secondly, to get more and more eggs from hens, poultry owners inject them with special kind of hormones (estrogen, progesterone etc). These hormones enter the eggs through their tiny breathing pores. The people, who eat such kind of eggs and chicken may also take these artificial hormones in them. According to the latest clinical research-studies, there is growing evidence that these hormones cause cancer to human beings. For the sake of good health, therefore, people should never eat eggs, chicken etc. 

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