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Devotees gathered for the Sunday Feast in Kyiv, with over 30 newcomers attending on average.

In October, HH Niranjana Swami shared his “Third Report from Ukraine” with North American leaders.  Along with Zonal Supervisor Acyuta Priya Das, they detailed a broad range of topics on the current state of the community and ongoing service in the country.

Among the highlights were exciting updates on the translation and printing of Srila Prabhupada’s books in Ukrainian and the daily distribution of his books across the yatra. Devotees are gathering regularly for programs in all cities, and newcomers are taking up the philosophy in spite of the difficulties. “Even in Kherson, which is directly on the front line, considering that the temple was damaged by a shell, devotees gather regularly a few times a week, cooking prasadam and distribute three times a week, each time more than 500 kgs of prasadam as Food For Life,” said Acyuta Priya Das. Recent photos of the different communities are shared, and past and future events and festivals are highlighted.

To read the comprehensive report, please visit HH Nirananja Swami’s blog post here.

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