How to conquer the powers that influence us to do something?

A Girl devotee (Name hidden) asked like this:

“Jai shri krishna, prabhuji i want to ask what is the difference between influencing power and convincing powers. Because both of them includes lies, frauds, etc…and for existing in todays world it is needed badly, thats what i observed. however i am very bad at both. but does it adds negative karma on our soul? please guide me. hare krishna. radhey radhey”


I do not know what you exactly mean by influencing and convincing powers. However, let me reply based on my understanding.

You might have meant by influencing power as the persons who influence us to do something forcibly. They may lie or deceive to influence us.

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The convincing powers may try to make us understand something in their favour by telling some attractive words or even lies.

These powers are subject to karma.  We get influenced or convinced only if our karma expects us to do so.

But, I feel that in the human life, the real influencing and convincing power is our Karma.

The power that relieves us from this karma is Lord Krishna.

I do not want to take any other meanings for consideration.


Influencing powers exist as per our karma that is the result of our own past activities that are used by maya to bind us more in this material planet.

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Maya influences upon us to involve in karma if we have material attachments. Maya needs some people to involve us in karma. They are the friends and relatives we have. Even unknown strangers….even animals.

Only because we have these material relations, we are influenced to help them or deceive them – both leads to good and bad karma.

Though a girl is silent, some times her husband forces her to accuse him by first accusing her (or) vice versa.

If we are attached to this material life and if we expect something from others, we face disappointments and hence we commit mistakes that add to karma.

If you are materially attached and are working expecting some results, you can’t avoid committing mistakes and hence adding karma.

Maya will apply its influence to push you into committing offences and involve us deeply in sense gratification activities resulting in karma again and again.

That is why, though some persons do not like to marry, he/ she is influenced into marrying someone due to circumstances.

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