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( – How to develop Ruci (video) Srimad Bhagavatam class given by H.H. Bhakti Anugraha Janardana Swami_SB-10.07.05 at ISKCON Vrindavan. (bhakti today)

The pastimes of the supreme personality of godhead lord Krishna is divided into three
parts and the sweetest of them all is the balyah or the childhood pastimes sometimes lord
Krishna is called dusta mohan like lord Caitanya mahaprabhu also when he was a young boy nemai his pastimes also while he was in the young age very mischievous and what to say of lord Krishna of course we’re not seeing yet the mischiefs that lord Krishna and lord Balaram will perform later on lord balarama especially along with lord Krishna later on they will steal the butter and the yogurt
of the cowherd maidens the elderly coward maidens in brads but here we’re just being introduced because lord krishna is around three months old the pastimes of the supreme lord especially in his childhood pastimes is more attractive than the pastimes of different incarnations of the supreme lord such as Matsya, Kurma Varaha, those pastimes because we can relate more with children
human-like pastimes of the supreme lord especially here so now lord krishna is just started to turn his back the babies in the beginning very difficult to turn back up and down or sideways um so there were some indications of the supreme lord it says that the supreme lord can be ascertained due to his different um symptoms are signs in the body it’s about 32 signs of the body according to caitanya charitabrita or great personalities. (partial transcript)

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