Inauguration of Krishna Capital Gate Centre

Inauguration of Krishna Capital Gate Centre

( – Inauguration of Krishna Capital Gate Centre

Date: June 9, 2024, Location: Hainault, London

By Yogesvara Gopinath das

The Krishna Capital Gate Centre was inaugurated with great enthusiasm and joy. This newly established centre marks a significant milestone in the efforts to support humanitarian aid and community service. The event was graced by the presence of the Mayor of Redbridge, Sheila Bain, who was the chief guest, Pushpita Gupta and Nav Johal the Councillors from Redbridge. We also had the presence of Dayal Mora Das, Temple President of ISKCON London, and Parasuram Das, Director of Food for All.

The inauguration ceremony began with traditional rituals and prayers, followed by a ribbon-cutting ceremony led by Mayor Sheila Bain. The wonderful environment was filled with joy and happiness.

Once everyone entered the hall after the ribbon-cutting ceremony, a wonderful aarti accompanied by Kirtan was performed. Parasuram Das led the first aarti pujari service and Dayal Mora Das led the singing of first aarti. Everyone was so ecstatic, singing and dancing in joy of pure Krishna Consciousness. Mayor of Redbridge and the Council members also participated in singing and dancing for the pleasure of the Lordships.

After the Aarti ceremony, the Mayor of Redbridge addressed the community and thanked everyone for taking part in this jubilant festival. Madam Mayor thanked Parasuram Das for his selfless and wonderful welfare work of distributing free food to the homeless, needy and hungry people in London and other parts of the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Turkey and Syria. Parasuram Das would be taking many non-ULEZ compliant ambulances and cars to Ukraine for the usage of Ukrainian people. These ambulances and cars are in very good condition.

She thanked the whole ISKCON community for their wonderful spirit of love and also appreciated Srila Prabhupada’s contribution in giving this great way to lead a happy life to the whole world.

Councillor Pushpita Gupta in her short address, thanked the entire community and wished to have this centre permanently, so that various community services and all the humanitarian work could continue for a longer time.

Dayal Mora Das and Parasuram Das also addressed the community and thanked everyone for being a part of this wonderful event. They emphasized on the aspect of Bhakti Yoga, the transcendental service to the Supreme Lord and about spreading the real love of Krishna with everyone.

The Krishna Capital Gate Centre is equipped with facilities to support humanitarian aid, including the storage of food and other necessary items.

This centre would play a very crucial role in the ongoing efforts to support Ukraine. The centre will enhance its capacity to deliver help in an efficient manner by offering storage facilities and safe keeping of vehicles.

Finally, the event concluded with a vote of thanks, followed by a vegetarian lunch for all attendees to acknowledge their involvement in making the inauguration a success.

The attendees left with a sense of inspiration and a renewed commitment to the values of service and compassion.


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