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Is the Rasa of the Jiva fixed? (Q&A)


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No, the Rasa can be “raised” from Shanta Rasa to Dasya Rasa.


“On the platform of śānta-rasa, one only realizes his constitutional position. However, when one is raised to the platform of dāsya-rasa, he better understands the full opulence of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

CC Madhya 19.219


kevala ‘svarūpa-jñāna’ haya śānta-rase
‘pūrṇaiśvarya-prabhu-jñāna’ adhika haya dāsye

kevala—only; svarūpajñāna—knowledge of the constitutional position of one’s self; haya—there is; śāntarase—in the mellow of neutrality; pūrṇaaiśvaryaprabhujñāna—knowledge of the full opulences of the Supreme Personality of Godhead; adhika—greater; haya—becomesdāsye—in the transcendental mellow of servitude.

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  • If the rasa of the jiva is fixed, then there is no question of being “raised” to a higher rasa.
  • This verse proves the rasa can be changed
  • Constitutional position is Shanta rasa, but can be raised to Dasya
  • Answer: shanta rasa – dominated by awe and reverence – god is perfect
  • one realizes only his constitutional position
  • this means the constitutional svarupa of the jiva is santa rasa
    kevala ‘svarupa-jñana – only knowledge or knowledge of Krishna’s opulence
  • purnaisvarya-prabhu-jñana – knowledge of Krishna’s opulence
  • this type of aisvarya-jnana blocks higher rasa
  • this is why vaishnavas do not want to go to or see vaikuntha, prominent opulence
  • from shanta to dasya – more opulence? or better understand opulence?
  • jiva in brahmajyioti in shanta rasa?




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