ISKCON Washington DC temple

ISKCON Washington DC temple

( – ISKCON Washington DC temple

By Vrsabhanu das

One of the temples that Srila Prabhupada established is situated close to the US capital city, Washington DC. It is a place of worship where people from all backgrounds can go to learn about and practise bhakti-yoga.

I wanted to visit some of the temples where Srila Prabhupada stayed. He spent one week in Potomac in 1976 and it was important for me to see the property and make a film about what I experienced. I had a pleasant stay, meeting some of the devotees there.

Now, many years later, the devotees in Potomac are building a new temple. This film (part 1) captures the community at a particular moment in time. It is one in a series of films that are coming soon.

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