Krishna Consciousness Society Receives Awards at Leading University


( – Krishna Consciousness Society Receives Awards at Leading University

By Radha Mohan Das   |  Jun 21, 2023

Krishna Consciousness Society (KCSOC) is a youth project associated with ISKCON Pandava Sena, running societies to share Krishna Consciousness at universities across the UK. One such KCSOC is based at University College London (UCL), a leading multidisciplinary university ranked #8 in the world.

This year, during the annual Societies’ Awards 2023, UCL KCSOC was awarded the Bronze Society Development Award by Students’ Union. This was a result of their excellence in all of the following areas: Society Engagement and Communications, Society Governance, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, Effective Community Impact and Projects, and Innovation.

Here are some of the society’s key achievements:

  • With 110+ group participants and 70+ active members (and counting) in less than one year, UCL KCSOC’s Gita Circles became one of the largest spiritual university communities of its kind in the UK and probably one of UCL’s largest weekly non-social communities for any society.
  • In addition to the 30+ books in UCL KCSOC’s one-of-a-kind library, more than 140 spiritual books and 60 personalised meditation cards are currently being distributed and gifted.
  • His Holiness S.B. Keshava Swami returned to the UCL campus for a major event after 2 decades. Today, videos from “The Monk Who Studied at UCL event” have more than 1 million combined views online.
  • 8+ nationalities and all major ethnic groups were represented. Interfaith engagement resumed for the first time in years.
  • £1100 raised in grants.

In addition to the society’s award, four committee members were also recognised for their individual contributions. Drishti  Nathani and Chinmay  Mullapudi were awarded Commendations for one year of exemplary service, Trisha Dubey was awarded Colours for two years of exemplary service, and President Mukund Hari Nathany was awarded the Societies Centenary, the highest award in the category, for three years of exemplary service.

The entire community is excited for another year of sharing the joy of Krishna Consciousness at UCL, and we seek your best wishes in their endeavour!

To learn more about the Krishna Consciousness Society (KCSOC) youth project, click here.

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