Ministry of Cow Protection and Agriculture – 12th European Farm conference

Ministry of Cow Protection and Agriculture – 12th European Farm conference

( – Ministry of Cow Protection and Agriculture – 12th European Farm conference

ISKCON has been holding Farm Conferences worldwide, bringing devotees together to learn and share solutions and best practices, congregate, exchange, and hear from experts. The European Farm Conferences started in 2008 and it holds a tradition, with a history of events in several different countries and well attended by devotee farmers, leaders including GBC members, as well as European politicians, experts and partner institutions. This year, the European Farm Conference is finally back for its 12th edition, after a 3 year halt due to the pandemics, when only online programs took place.

The GBC Ministry of Cow Protection and Agriculture warmly invites all interested devotees for an exciting conference, which will take place in a productive farm in Germany. Growing grains for four generations, this farm is now producing on their 300 ha in a regenerative system, and ready to share with other devotees how this shift can be done. The Ministry believes that feeding the earth is an important science, which allows us to have crop management and leaves behind enough energy to build the soil and regenerate the ecosystem.

Apart from Grain Production and Regenerative Farming, this year’s focus is on Ox Power. With global warming concerns, an alternative form of power for food production is more than essential. Ox power is one of those timeless solutions, which mitigates the environmental effects of fossil fuels. However, there is an undeniable cross road between ox and machine power, which needs our attention. The lack of rural manpower catapults everyone to rely on machinery and fossil fuels. Would it really be possible to break free from this racing train? At the conference we hope to discuss the fine line of this transition and present the incredible works done in New Vrajadham, Hungary, with ox power.

Apart from devotees from all European ISKCON farms, devotees from urban centers are equally welcome to take part in this conference, which will take place in Germany, on September 29th-30th and October 1st, 2023.

For more information and registration, please visit:
Kalakantha das
GBC Minister of Cow Protection and Agriculture

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