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By Ramananda Raya dasa

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Attached is an article submitted by Shikar and Yoginee about the scary event that happened to their family in South Africa. They were held up in their own home by five gangsters. But miraculously, by Lord Nrsimhadeva’s mercy, they were saved.

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We arrived home just after nine o’clock that night, not knowing at all what was destined to happen to us. We parked in the drive way and in a sort of routine way, we walked to the front door. We started to go inside when the sound of many footsteps startled us. We turned around and witnessed the most frightening sight. There were five men standing in a semi-circle in front of us. We were cornered. There was no where to escape except into the house.

They were all dressed in dark clothes and four of them had balaclavas covering their faces. They all stood in the same stance pointing their guns in our direction. My heart started to beat faster as dreadful thoughts rushed through my mind. Will I make it out of this? Will they hurt us? Will anything happen to my family? This is when I heard the voice of my father screaming “KRISHNA!! KRISHNA!!” The man who’s face was visible commanded us to go into the house and deactivate the alarm. He said, “Be quiet or I’ll shoot you!” Again, my fathers voice, “KRISHNA!! KRISHNA!!” As one enters our house, the first room visible is the temple room. The men could see our Prabhuapada deity and our altar.

They instructed us to kneel on the floor of the entrance hall, however my mother insisted on walking further into the house. When one of the men asked her where she was going, she replied mechanically, “I need to put the alarm off; I need to put the alarm off”. He pointed a gun to her back as she walked off but for some reason, he did not follow her. They did not move beyond the temple room. I decided that the only thing I could do was join my dad. I screamed loudly with such anger and desperation in my voice, “NRISIMHADEVA ?€? NRISIMHADEVA”. I started to scream Nrisimhadeva prayers at them, as if I was using it as my weapon. My dad then pointed to a picture of Krishna on the wall and very courageously exclaimed, “This is my Lord and He is going to save us!” The men were silent, they didn’t say a word. They just stood there, looking really confused.

The man who did not have a balaclava pointed his gun towards my dad once again but his hand started shaking and he didn’t pull the trigger. From his facial expression I could see how terrified he was. He was trembling. His eyes appeared as if he had seen a ghost. He turned around, picked up a set of our car keys and they all ran away. After they left, the police and the guards from our security company quickly arrived on the scene in response to my mum’s phone call. Later my mum told us that she did not see them carry any firearms at all. Perhaps if she had seen them, she would not have been so brave as to set the alarm siren off and phone the police. So now the questions arise in my mind, why couldn’t the men walk beyond the temple room? Why did they not follow my mother into the bedroom? Why did my mother not see their guns? What made us react to scream to the Lord for help and not be silent as the robbers demanded? Why did the men look so terrified? Could they see something that we couldn’t see? The answer is simple, NRISIMHADEVA WAS THERE!! The Lord protected us that night and He saved us from being harmed by these terrible men. We could have all been killed. We do not question what we did to deserve this traumatic incident; but rather, we see it as an educational experience to increase our faith in Lord Nrisimhadeva.

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