Offensive video went viral on Krishna outraged devotees; FIR filed

(Vrindavan Today News) – Offensive video went viral on Krishna outraged devotees; FIR filed

2023.09.20 (Vrindavan Today News): Anonymous videos went viral on social media where a pet dog dressed is shown as Shri Krishna incited rage among the devotees of Shri Krishna and they demanded action against the culprit. a devotee named Sita, who had just returned from Vrindavan, filed a First Information Report (FIR) at the Trikuta Nagar Police Station. The FIR stems from Seeta’s profound dismay over a viral video circulating on social media platforms.

Sita, a devout Krishna devotee, expressed her anger over the proliferation of several such videos on social media platforms. These videos feature dogs dressed as Lord Krishna, adorned with peacock feathers on their heads and flutes in their mouths. The dogs are shown engaging in various activities while devotional songs related to Lord Krishna’s birth celebrations play in the background. The videos often include the phrase “Happy Janmashtami” in their captions.

Sita, visibly upset, posted the videos and lodged a formal complaint at the Trikuta Nagar Police Station against those responsible for creating and sharing such content.

Sita, who had just returned from Vrindavan, emphasized the need for those responsible for posting such videos to show reverence towards the Sanatan Dharma (Hinduism). She demanded strict action against those who demean the religion and the deities worshipped by millions.

Following the police complaint, Sita, accompanied by her family, also submitted a written request at the Banke Bihari Temple in Vrindavan, urging the authorities to take strong action against individuals involved in creating and sharing this content.

The saints of Vrinavan strongly condemned the incident. They stressed the importance of respecting religious sentiments and called for stringent penalties for those found guilty of mocking the Sanatan Dharma.

The circulation of such videos, which many find deeply offensive and sacrilegious, has drawn strong reactions from the devotee community. Sita’s actions reflect the growing concern over the misuse of social media to belittle religious beliefs and icons. As the case progresses, devotees and religious leaders are hoping for a swift and just resolution to prevent any further offense to their faith.

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