Offer daily Incense to my Home Altar (Challenge)


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How to Join the Challenge

Offer daily Incense to my Home Altar

This challenge is for offering at least once a day Incense to my Home Altar.

Challenge Level: Beginner

  • For 1 Week
  • For 2 Weeks
  • For 3 Weeks
  • For 4 Weeks

How to offer incense?

It is easy: With clean hands, light the tip od the incense and offer it to your deities by making circular motions. That’s it… Some devotee like to make a certain number of circles to the deities, but that is not required.

Do I need to know a special mantra to offer incense?

The Hare Krishna mantra is good for all occasions.

To enter the challenge, comment below for how long you pledge to do this challenge.

By making this vow in front of all the Vaishnavas, I must not break it under any circumstances.

If you have completed your challenge period and want to continue, you can recommit here in the comments for another period.

Comment here daily about your experience with this challenge.


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