Ram Taal, Garud Govind & Jaya Kund (2023)

Album of photos

Deena Bandhu Das: Spring is the best season for parikrama in Vraj. With a few devotees we set out to visit Jaya Kund in Jait where Krishna killed the Aghasura demon. Also, the local Vrajavasis say that Kaliya turned into a stone at this place. From there we made our way to the old temple of Garud Govind where Govindji is riding on Garuda dev. And finally, we ended our parikrama by visiting Ram Taal where Saubhari Muni did his austerities. Jaya Kund and Ram Taal is very nicely beautified and maintained by The Braj Foundation. Come along with us through the pics of my very dear Arjun Bhattacharyya

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