Sanskrit’s Nature And History


By Yamuna Jivana dasa

This is several questions made in the form of an article. I find them intriguing and aspire for answers. I beg kind insightful devotees to offer insights, and, if they find time, to evaluate or critique the answers which i have offered according to my own limited understanding. The very questions are written in bold text. The purpose of this is for my insignificant self to gain clearer understanding on the subject. That would help me in completing a written presentation on Vedic culture, which is under preparation. (Actually, in the whole picture that modern academia has about the Vedic culture, this subject is a pretty foundational one.)

The article is in 3 parts:

1. “Vedic” Sanskrit and Classical Sanskrit – nature and origin of differences

2. Further differences within Vedic Sanskrit itself, as well as within Classical Sanskrit itself

3. Other languages’ relations with Sanskrit

To answer some of the questions, we will need a person who has certain learning in both the linguistics and the scriptures. As i suppose that among us there might be not a very great number of those, i therefore beg you, if you know some devotee of such qualifications, let them know of this humble request, so that they may decide to help here.

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