Show people by our actions and by our words that krishna loves them

( – Mahatma Das: I want to tell you a story that you may have heard. The part you may not have heard, the second part, it is so beautiful!

So Prabhupada was being guarded by a devotee and late at night two or three in the morning Srila Prabhupada came out to use the restroom and that devotee asked: “can I serve you?”
He said “yes you can go where I’ve never gone, you can go in the future, after I die, you can go where I can’t go because you will go on in the future that I can’t go. Then Prabhupada said I want you to show people that Krishna loves them! That’s really interesting and I have something more interesting to say I just want to unpack this a little bit; in a sense you could say this is the essence of our preaching because this is specifically what Prabhupada is asking him to teach people that he’s going to see in the future, I want you to teach them that Krishna loves them, like that’s the main thing but then Prabhupada said something else which is really important for us, he said “I want you to show them that Krishna loves them through your actions, don’t just tell them, but through your actions show them! Isn’t that beautiful so we want to in other words to show Krshna’s love, show Krishna’s affection, care, compassion, kindness, through our actions so they will feel that Krishna loves them.

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