Small Town Sankirtan

Small Town Sankirtan

( – Small Town Sankirtan

Dear Devotees

We went north of Sydney to Woy Woy and Gosford to tolerate the fresh air while we distributed some mercy without discrimination.

Madhavendra Puri and I, the two reformed gurukulies, were dropped in Woy Woy. Like a pair of Special OPT Forces, S.A.S., we parachuted in to the fairly deserted town and positioned our transcendental trap, ready to free all those who entered from the grips of Maya. Hriman Krsna and Stambha Bhava prabhus continued on to Gosford.

It was so quiet in Woy Woy we didn’t think we could do many books.

Eagerly we just tried anyway and we pounced on every person that set foot on the street.

To our surprise actually, many books went out that day. Both Madhavendra Puri and I finished every book we had including cookbooks. Together we sold around $800 worth of books.

So I realised that all you need is a trickle of people and Krsna willing, the day can be fruitful, for His pleasure off course. Sydney is always overflowing with monkey face sense enjoyers but some times it’s good to get out of the city and be merciful to the small town folk. Actually a lot of devotees have come from the smaller towns.

Now it gets interesting.

That same day one young man, Cam is his name, pulled up in his car after driving past us.

He came running back to us and with great excitement he said,

“Hey guys. My friend told me that some of you were in Gosford handing out spiritual books. I had no time to go into Gosford but you are here also. What you’re doing is great!”

As he took the hard cover Gita he told me how he lives on an Island here and keeps to himself. He likes meditation and spiritual music.

So I invited him to our ‘Soul Talk’ at Govindas and took his email.

Now maybe a month or to later I was distributing in Gosford this time and sure enough I stopped a young guy. It was Cam again. He hadn’t been able to make it down to Sydney yet but he asked for another BG because he accidently left his in the glove box of the car he sold. He told me how he wants to travel the world as a busker (musician). I again invited him to come visit us and experience some transcendental sound vibrations.

Then he engaged himself in some ajnata sukriti. He told me I should go show Prabhupada’s books to the people in the New Age shop up the road.

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