Sri Balarama’s Rasayatra

( – By Deena Bandhu Das

From 5th Chapter of Bhakti-ratnakara

Balarama, the son of Rohini performed his rasalila in Ramaghat. This place is situated quite a long distance from where Krishna had his rasalila.

Balarama was the second body of Krishna himself and the depth of his real self was like the depth of a million oceans. He came to Vraja from Dvaraka and stayed during the two months of Chaita and Vaishakh to console Sri Nanda, Yasoda and the others. He pleased his sakhas in various ways. There also Balarama gave solace to all the Krishna priyas and charmed his own dear and loving gopis by having lilas with them. At that time Krishna killed Sankhachuda. Then Krishna and Balarama both performed divine lilas with their own lovers and played Holi. Only a learned devotee can describe the beauty of these celestial activities. In Sri Krishna Caitanya Carita Murari Gupta says; “Look at Rama and Krishna who are covered with jewels and suitably dressed for spring time. In a humorous mood they performed their kelis with their own beautiful Vraja ladies. They are gracefully dancing and singing in a delightful mood with their pretty gopis.

The gopis who were not fortunate enough to associate with Krishna forgot their sorrow when Balarama performed his lila with them. How Balarama increased their enjoyemnt is beyond description.

In Srimad Bhagavatam it is stated that Bhagavan Sri Balarama stayed in Vraja for two months and supplied divine enjoyment to the gopis each night. Sri Raghava continued to describe the beauty of Balarama at the time of his rasa keli. “O Srinivasa, knowing that he would perform his rasa lila with his dear lovers Balarama happily came to this place. This pleasant spot, situated near the Yamuna river, was continually filled with scented air. The flowers of the gardens were in full bloom and the sky was bright from the full moon. The humming of bumble and the sweet whistling of different birds surcharged the atmosphere. Millions of male and female peacocks danced and many deer played in the garden. As Balarama relaxed beneath a tree the guards in heaven sang the glories of Rohini Nandan whose beauty and posture could fascinate the world. The following is a song.

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