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Visnujana Swami

by Deena Bandhu das

Today June 2 is the English calendar birthday of my very dear older Godbrother Vishnujana. When I first joined the temple they sent me to LA to get trained up. Vishnjana was the temple commander and I fondly remember being trained by him. We would spend hours on the streets those days chanting the Holy Name with him!

I learned so much from him especially about preaching. He would speak in such a way that child could understand and a scholar could understand. He made Krishna Consciousness so exciting! I remember someone asked what is that stuff on your forehead, a question that you stumble around dully trying to get them to understand. He said with a voice full of love, “This is a beautiful meditation that we perform in the morning where we take sacred clay and mark our bodies as a temple of God!”

Even now if I hear a recording of him, before even understanding that it is Vishnujana, my hairs stand on end. I miss him so much!


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