A Glimpse into the Cosmic Dance of Divine Effulgent Beings

(Bhaktivedanta Ashram) – A Glimpse into the Cosmic Dance of Divine Effulgent Beings

What are the Northern Lights? According to the ancient Vedic teachings, the north pole contains the pivot of the universal earth plane in the form of the magnetic Meru mountain (hence compasses point to the North Pole), and all stars revolve around that pivot like lights on a spinning chandelier.

On top of this universal mountain, which crosses both physical and higher dimensional realms, are divine beings, and this concept is found in the folklore of many ancient cultures, for example stories of Mount Olympus and Zeus. The words themselves are even cognates derived from the older traditions: Zeus -> Dyaus in Sanskrit, or Dyaus Pater, literally the “Sky Father”, later becoming Jupiter. So these concepts of Zeus and Jupiter were borrowed from older Vedic traditions, as was the idea of a universal mountain upon which divine beings reside at the center of the earth plane.

These divine beings were called in Sanskrit as Devas, which means “the effulgent shining ones”. In fact the very English word “divine” etymologically comes from the Sanskrit word “deva”, and this can easily be checked.

The English word divine, the word deity, the Greek word dios (“divine”) and the latin word deus (“God”) all come from this original Sanskrit concept of deva (“effulgent beings”) and dyaus, the effulgent “sky father”. Nearly every ancient culture of the world has borrowed and built on this concept in creating their religious folklore.

So what are the northern lights? The universe is filled with divine effulgent beings, something like angels, who prominently reside in the northern regions on the universal pivot, the magnetic mountain known as Meru. The mountain exists within our physical dimension and spans across to higher subtler dimensions and higher planes in the universe.

The effulgent divine beings (devas) travel on beams of light, and they themselves emit immense light, hence they are referred to as “the shining ones”. The lights we see in the sky known as the northern lights, are the movements of these divine beings to higher and lower realms of existence within our universe.

The Vedic teachings say the daytime of these divine beings is 6 months and the night time of these beings is also 6 months. Thus their 24 hour period of night and day is equal to our one human year. We can see a correlation between how the sun doesn’t set for 6 months in the north pole, followed by 6 months of darkness. All of these concepts were understood thousands of years ago by people who “hadn’t even visited these regions”.

The purpose of modern science is to remove divinity from every aspect of nature and leave humanity hopeless and atheistic.

To achieve this they will say the sun (which is actually a manifestation of God within the universe) is just one of unlimited stars, in fact the smallest and weakest of all stars.

They will say this divine earth, which is a manifestation of the divine universal mother (Lakshmi Devi), and which spans across the entire universe (as bhu mandala), is actually just a tiny round spec floating randomly in unlimited vacant space.

They will say the human form, which was made in the image of God, just accidentally came about through evolution of monkeys and lower animals.

They will say the moon, of which there is actually only one in the entire universe, and which acts as the divine eye of God (paired with the sun) is just one of thousands and millions of “moons” orbiting every planet in the universe.

Their aim is to take everything that points to the divine creator, and make it seem insignificant and ordinary.

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