Brasilian Devotee Accepts Important Inter-Religious Dialogue Role in Rio


( – ISKCON News | Brasilian Devotee Accepts Important Inter-Religious Dialogue Role in Rio

By Baladeva Das, Director of ISKCON News (Spanish)

On September 26th, ISKCON devotee Kunti Devi Dasi, representative of ISKCON Rio de Janeiro to the inter-religious movement since 2020, took a public oath as a counselor of COMPIR-RIO (the Municipal Council for the Promotion of Religious Freedom of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro).

Present at the event was Sérgio Duarte, Special Secretary for Inclusion and Religious Diversity, along with Marcio Mendes (Marcio de Jagun), Coordinator of Religious Diversity. This organization is the first such council established in the city since its founding in 1565.

Kunti also represents ISKCON at CONEPLIR-RJ (State Council for the Promotion of Religious Freedom), the Institute Expo-Religion, and the Dialogue and Peace Group. The latter, which brings together lawyers and religious representatives, was created by the Cardinal Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro.

Further, she is the ISKCON representative for SDI(CGB) and the Inter-Religious Colloquium, which organizes school events encouraging inter-religious dialogue. In addition, Kunti is responsible for the designation of teachers for religious education in the Rio de Janeiro state-owned network.

When asked about the importance of the Hare Krishna movement being actively engaged in these kinds of initiatives, Kunti responded, “I’m trying to be the best representative possible to show that we can build bridges for inter-faith dialogue and promote organizations that welcome and share our philosophy.”

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