Body Mind Soul – Two Day Bhakti Yoga Retreat for Beginners

Bhaktivedanta Manor

( – Kishori Yogini Devi Dasi

Kishori is a qualified psychotherapist and hypnotherapist, having studied the mind and worked with many different people, Kishori is passionate about using yoga as a tool to not only bring balance and strength to the body but also to nourish and calm the mind.

Kishori completed 500hr RYT teacher training and teaches Hatha yoga with a “Vinyasa flow” and you can be sure she will also weave some Bhakti yoga in there also!

“I’m committed to share with you authentic rich yoga and mindfulness practises. My classes will provide you with an opportunity to develop improved strength and flexibility, to feel calm, have clarity of mind and come away with a greater sense of harmony and balance. Join me in a space where you can breathe at ease, discover peace, and be in a community where you will find genuine support, connection and friendship.”

Nandarane Devi Dasi

Nandarane is no stranger to the realities of living, working and succeeding in the modern world.  As a lifetime spiritual seeker and professional coach, Nandarane empowers leaders to transform themselves and their organisations.

She has a background in educational leadership, judicial law and incorporates advanced counselling, NLP and metaphysical techniques in her professional and spiritual work. She was awarded the prestigious title of Farmington Scholar at the University of Oxford in 1999. Her research work highlighted the positive psychological and spiritual impact of the Bhagavad-Gita’s universal teachings – relevant to everyone in searching for the truth of our identity beyond religion and the identities we or others have constructed for ourselves.

Nandarane takes periodic breaks from her career to dive deeper into the secrets of the ancient Vedic scriptures, staying in ashrams and spiritual communities across India. She is an avid writer whose poetry supplies food for thought and nourishment to the soul! Nandarane’s discursive and interactive style of teaching is aimed at equipping every individual to live a more purposeful, fulfilling and happier life.

Niskincana Caitanya Das

Coming from a Hindu Bengali family in South London, Niskincana has often grappled with notions of identity, morality, in-depth vedic knowledge and its relevance to modern social discourse. However, overriding all these areas of enquiry, was the question of our nature of existence. What is our true identity? Where are we coming from? Where are we going? These were the questions that really preoccupied Niskincana’s interests.

After many years of seeking avenues to real happiness, he finally came across the teachings of Srila Prabhupada, the founder of the Hare Krishna movement. Having served as a monk for the last ten years at the Bhaktivedanta Manor temple, Niskincana has seen how the Krishna conscious way of living can truly benefit people in all facets of existence from the social and the political to the emotional, psychological and, of course, the spiritual level.

Through the School of Bhakti, Niskincana’s focus is to build up and bring the magic of Krishna conscious education into people’s lives in a contemporary and relevant manner. He is also an avid amateur stage actor and loves entertaining people with Krishna conscious dramas!

Citi-Sakti Devi Dasi

Citi-Śakti is a consultant psychiatrist and broadcaster and has been practising and teaching Bhakti Yoga for over 25 years.

Graduating from Imperial College as a Medical Doctor & specialising as a Consultant Psychiatrist, she brings together over 2 decades of experience in scientific advances in mental health with spirituality & connects with a diverse audience of celebrities, politicians, healthcare professionals, students & corporate leaders.

She is regularly featured in print media such as The Telegraph and The Independent and has appeared on BBC TV a number of times. Citi-Śakti is also regularly published in books and journals. She is passionate about raising awareness about mental health and reducing stigma; for 3 years, she presented a weekly mental health show on BBC radio. She continues to feature on Radio 4’s Today programme with Thought for the Day and Beyond Belief and has had over 200 million listens.

Kripamoya Das

I was born in 1956 in south Wales, where my parents were both in the Royal Air Force. My father was later a policeman and, along with two brothers and a sister, I was raised as a chapel-going Methodist in a succession of small seaside villages in Cornwall.

When I was nine I told my mother I wanted to go to Tibet and become a Buddhist monk; at thirteen I discovered yoga, and the following year I became aware of the orange-clad ‘Hare Krishna people.’ I bumped into them twice during 1973, then finally listened to what they had to say in 1974. I met the founder of the Hare Krishna movement and became his student in 1975. After helping to pioneer the early Krishna movement, travelling throughout Britain and Ireland for six years, I was stationed in Kenya, tropical east Africa, for two years. I returned to England and spent three years raising funds for the various temples. For the following twelve years I co-directed ISKCON’s ‘Readers’ Services,’ serving the needs of hundreds of our members.

I’ve visited India thirty times, leading groups of spiritual travellers to many sacred places. I have an avid interest in religious history and today’s challenges and issues.

Although I’m an Englishman (Welshman), I’m a qualified Hindu priest and conduct traditional Indian weddings and other life-passage ceremonies. I help care for individual members and the many congregational groups that meet throughout England. I’ve been married for thirty-five years to Guru Charana Padma Dasi and we have three children: Jahnavi, Tulasi and Mali.

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