Devotee Author Creates Engaging Books to Connect Children to Vedic Stories


( – Devotee Author Creates Engaging Books to Connect Children to Vedic Stories

Chanel Enjoem, known by her spiritual name Shyamsakhi Dasi, is an inspiring author, storyteller, and advocate for meaningful reading experiences. 

Shyamsakhi was born in Suriname with roots in Bali and India, raised in the Netherlands, and currently resides in Belgium, all of which brings a rich background to her books. Through her writing and illustrations, she aims to create a world where her children, and children everywhere, feel connected and represented. Her books are carefully crafted to be vibrant, colorful, and tailored to foster deep and meaningful connections between parents and children during those precious “bedtime story” moments.

Despite not being drawn to reading in her younger years, Shyamsakhi’s journey through life led her to discover the magic of literature and become an ardent reader. The transformation in Shyamsakhi’s relationship with books began when she became a mother to two inquisitive children. Reading soon became an essential part of their daily routine. However, she quickly realized that conventional bedtime stories often failed to capture her children’s attention. “Long stories were tiresome, and engagement was lacking,” said Shyamsakhi, “This realization prompted me to delve into the rich and intricate tales of the Vedic scriptures, which I had cherished from my upbringing as a ‘Hare Krishna’ child.” The stories of Narasimha, the Divine Protector, and countless others ignited a deep fascination in her children.

These Vedic tales passed down through generations of sages, are not only thrilling but also carry profound meaning and authenticity. While modern culture often celebrates Marvel movies and superheroes, Shyamsakhi found that the Vedic tales held a special place in their hearts. Bedtime stories transformed into captivating accounts of the fierce Goddess Durga and the dedicated warrior Hanuman.

At her website, Shyamsakhi invites readers on a transformative journey where ancient wisdom converges with modern storytelling. “My goal is to establish a space where children can discover connection, inspiration, and a sense of belonging through the power of stories,” she said. Readers say her passion for storytelling and the enchantment it brings shine through her work, leaving an indelible mark on their hearts and minds.

Her books are available on Amazon, in multiple languages and formats, including “Ten Heroes, the incarnations of Sri Vishnu,” “Little Goloka,” “My Krishna Art Book,” and “Please please open your eyes,” a tale about Srimati Radharani’s appearance. 

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