Dispute Arises at Ladliji Temple Over Donation Box Money Extraction

(Vrindavan Today) – 2023.03.23 (Vrindavan Today News):

A dispute erupted at the Ladli- ji Mandir in Mathura late on Monday night when the acting receiver, Ras Bihari Goswami, opened the screws of the donation box and removed the money, leading to an uproar and a fight in the temple premises. SDM Govardhan Kamlesh Kumar Goyal and CO Govardhan Ram Mohan Sharma reached the spot and sealed the money found in the donation box in the office built in the temple premises. The CO stated that action would be taken after investigating the matter.

According to the Barsana correspondent, on March 10, the committee of Ladliji temple was dissolved by ADJ Third, who entrusted the responsibility of looking after the arrangements of the temple to Ras Vihari Goswami and others. Acting receiver Ras Bihari Goswami and some others arrived at Ladli-ji temple late at night after Shayan Aarti, and it is said that he broke open the screws of the donation boxes kept in the temple premises and started taking out the money kept in them.

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