Essential Technologies For Empowered Management

From Back to Godhead

By Bhakti Tirtha Swami

The metaphysical technologies listed here are simple yet profound tools that you may want to incorporate into your management style. To reap the greatest benefits from these principles, you can include meditation on these ten technologies in your daily regimen.

1. What is it? What for? So what?

This meditation is designed to help us realize that many illusions can influence or enslave us. Leo Tolstoy once wrote about a transition in his life when he began to question everything, despite his great success. Following Tolstoy’s example, in this meditation envision yourself as possessing great material abundance such as exorbitant wealth, worldwide fame, vast knowledge, or dazzling beauty. Consider each of these areas in turn and, others if you wish, realizing that it can not be the ultimate goal of life. Ask yourself the questions, “What of it?” “What for?” “So what?”

2. Not this body

This reflection helps us realize that we are more than just the physical body. Therefore, we should not overreact or be overly attached to the material stimuli. The exercise consists of saying attentively: “I have a body but I am not this body”; “I have a mind but I am not this mind”; “I have a job but I am not this job”; or “I have a house but I am not this house.” Insert any problem into this meditation to help yourself release any attachment to temporary phenomena.

3. The other person’s point of view

This practice helps us become more sensitive to another person’s perception of the situation, particularly during interpersonal conflict. Choose a conflict that has been troubling you. Write a letter to yourself as if you were the opposing party trying to convince yourself of the opposite point of view. Employ this letter-writing technique for any conflict.

4. Seeing God everywhere

This contemplation helps us give more of ourselves to others and receive more love from people in general. Practice seeing everyone as an energy of God.

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