Foot Over Bridge in front of Prem Mandir

(Vrindavan Today) – Foot Over-bridge to be Constructed in Front of Vrindavan’s Iconic Prem Mandir to bring relief to both the locals and visitors

2023.04.05 (Vrindavan Today News): Prem Mandir in Vrindavan is set to get a much-needed respite from the daily traffic congestion with the upcoming construction of a foot over bridge. The Municipal Corporation has proposed the plan to the government after several rounds of discussions with the management of Prem Mandir.

The foot over-bridge is aimed at relieving the daily traffic congestion that occurs on Vrindavan Chhatikara Road during the opening and closing times of the Prem Mandir.

The foot over-bridge is a part of the Smart City project, which aims to improve the city’s infrastructure and facilities for its residents and tourists. The construction of a smart road from Ramanreti Police Chowki to Rukmini Vihar Multi-level Parking is already underway, and the foot over-bridge will be built as a part of this project.

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