High Court gives nod to the Corridor Plan for Banke Bihari Temple

(Vrindavan Today News) – High Court gives nod to the Corridor Plan for Banke Bihari Temple

2023.11.21 (Vrindavan Today News): The Allahabad High Court on Monday gave green signal to the corridor plan for the Banke Bihari Temple. It has approved the UP State Government’s plan for building a corridor around the Banke Bihari Temple for the convenience of the devotees. The corridor will facilitate easier access to the visitors of the temple.  However, the court has restrained the government to use the temple’s fund for building the corridor.

The High Court bench, headed by Chief Justice Pritinkar Diwakar and Justice Ashutosh Srivastava, delivered this verdict while hearing a public interest petition filed by Anant Sharma. The petitioner raised concerns about the inconvenience faced by a large number of devotees visiting the Banke Bihari Temple daily.

The court emphasized that the state government should bear the expenses for the proposed corridor project and must refrain from using funds from the temple’s account. Furthermore, a restriction has been imposed on the utilization of ₹262 crores deposited in the temple’s account for this purpose.

The Bench stated that the government has the liberty to take necessary steps for the corridor’s construction, provided it does not tap into the temple’s funds. The court also granted full exemption to the state government for removing encroachments and ensuring the smooth execution of the project.

Anant Sharma, in his petition, shed light on the challenges faced by the devotees, citing an average daily footfall of 40,000 to 50,000 individuals and a surge to 1.5 lakhs during festivals. The petition stressed that the congested routes leading to the temple, exacerbating the difficulty in managing the substantial crowds. Incidents of theft, injuries, and even fatalities amid the crowds were also brought to the court’s attention.

While passing the order, the court commended the proposed plan presented by the state government, emphasizing its potential to control the influx of devotees. However, the court also left room for scrutiny, ensuring that the rights of the concerned parties are not compromised, and any deviations from the directives can be reported to the court.

On the issue of encroachment around the temple premises, the court observed that the State Government is free to take appropriate steps for removing encroachment in the small lanes leading to the temple. The court also ordered the State Government to ensure that no further obstruction be allowed to come up on the approach roads to the temple.

As the court approved the construction of the Banke Bihari Corridor, it remains vigilant about potential deviations and expects the government to adhere strictly to the outlined guidelines.

The Allahabad High Court’s green signal for the Banke Bihari Corridor marks a crucial step towards enhancing the pilgrimage experience for devotees. As the state government gears up for the implementation of the plan, careful consideration and adherence to the court’s directives will be paramount to ensure a seamless and secure environment for all visitors.

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