Jahnavi Harrison has Released Her Latest Album “Into the Forest (Live)”


( – ISKCON News | Jahnavi Harrison has Released Her Latest Album “Into the Forest (Live)”

By ISKCON News Staff

Jahnavi Harrison has released her latest album, “Into the Forest (Live),” which is now available to stream or purchase across popular platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, and more.

In her most recent Instagram post, she told her 165K followers, “Hope it brings you joy and healing. Blast it out in the kitchen and sing along.”

“We called it ‘Into the Forest’ because forests are typically places that we seek rejuvenation and inspiration…we want to grow a sonic forest together through the recitation and vibration of these sacred sounds to experience that upliftment of the spirit,” Harrison told her live audience. The album, featuring other collaborating artists, has 15 tracks, including an almost 30-minute live recording entitled “Divine Maha Mantra.” This spiritual sound bath has both new offerings like the title track, “Into the Forest,” as well as treasured favorites, including “Like a River (Live).”

Visit the link here to listen to the album on the platform of your choice, check out her website, and follow her Instagram for future musical offerings, retreats, and more.

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