ISKCON Official Invited by US Government to Participate in Renowned Leadership Program


( – ISKCON Official Invited by US Government to Participate in Renowned Leadership Program

Yudhistir Govinda Das with Mark Rozell, Dean of the Schar School of Policy and Government at George Mason University.

Yudhistir Govinda Das, Director of Communications at ISKCON India, recently was awarded the designation of Fellow in the prestigious International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP), administered by the United States government.

Spanning across notable cities such as Washington DC, Orlando, Salt Lake City, Raleigh, Charlottesville, and Santa Fe, the program facilitated fruitful meetings and engagements with a wide array of esteemed governmental, educational, civil society, and religious organizations. These included AmeriCorps, Peace Corp, Duke University, University of Central Florida, and the Church of Latter-day Saints, among others.

Expressing his appreciation for the program, Yudhistir Govinda Das commended the U.S. State Department for their professionalism and the well-structured nature of the program. He highlighted its effectiveness in establishing connections with renowned institutions and civil society organizations, many of whom are actively involved in charitable endeavors akin to those pursued by ISKCON.

“I would view the invitation extended by the U.S. government as a testament to ISKCON’s noteworthy contributions in diverse realms such as food relief, education, environmental preservation, and cultural promotion. Today, ISKCON has a major role to play in addressing the world’s challenges and being an effective partner to bring about a change,” added Yudhistir Govinda Das.

The IVLP stands as the premier professional exchange program facilitated by the U.S. Department of State. Participation in the program is exclusively by nomination from the U.S. Embassy. This initiative invites current and emerging leaders from various fields worldwide to engage in short-term visits to the United States, providing them with an opportunity to experience and gain insight into the functioning of American society while fostering long-term relationships.

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