Ontology in Gita – BOERUM HILL

 Ontology in Gita – BOERUM HILL

( –  Ontology in Gita – BOERUM HILL


Gita Chapter 2, Texts 16-21, Part #3

This is the continuation of Sub-Section 2 and we explore verses 2.16–2.21 in Gita. This part of Gita explains more basic Ontology. Krishna explains about the difference between the soul which is eternal and indestructible and the body which is destined to only exist for a short time.

The Vedic concept of what is considered “True or Eternal” is contrasted with that which is “False and Temporary.” And the important Ontological point that many things in our material world are simultaneously “One and Different (at the same time)” is also described.

The “Chariot of the Body” analogy is given and we begin our discussion on the phenomenon of Reincarnation. This Session ends with the metaphor of “Two Birds in a Tree” and we discuss how the Soul, the Subtle Body and the Gross Body are related.

Arcita Prabhu – SB 3-15-16 – 7-1-23 – Iskcon Los Angeles
Mindfulness.. powered by emotion: Bhakti Yoga, ISKCON Naperville, June 27th 2023

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