Ox coordinator specializing in logging and biomass movement

Job notice for Almviks Gaard farm community Sweden

Oxen Coordinator Almviks Gaard Farm community in Sweden is looking for an enthusiastic person to help develop the oxen department as part of the forestry and Goshala teams. The key person will be responsible for ensuring the oxen are engaged in various aspects of forestry, Visitor interactions and agriculture. The prime activity will naturally be forestry with log and biomass movement. It is preferable that the applicant has some experience with oxen, tree felling and logging. If there is no prior experience training will be provided for the suitable candidate. If not already competent in felling it is expected that at some point there would be full training in felling trees and chain saw operation and maintenance. The applicant must be able to work enthusiastically even when working alone. Assistance will be provided as available, and as the team numbers grow. This is a full-time role of at least 35 hours a week. Accommodation may be available in the community village depending on vacancy and facility requirements, otherwise, there is accommodation in a local village. For further information please contact Janesvara das at or Whatsapp 0046704328064 Or syamasundara at or Whatsapp 0447939584028

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